Todd and Cathy Roseberry
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If you were sick and needed surgery, would you let ANY doctor perform the surgery or would you interview the TOP 2 or 3 surgeons who SPECIALIZE in that area, check their references, and then MOST importantly check their success rate? Of course you would do your homework!   You would only want…THE BEST! 

So when it comes to selling a home, WHY don’t many people go through the same selection process? The single largest financial transaction for most Americans is the sale of their home. It is CRAZY to us that smart people are hiring agents without asking for their track record of success / results.

Think of selling your home as FINANCIAL SURGERY.  If your home is your biggest asset, why would you hire your friend’s cousin Mother (who is part-time), or your boss’s wife (who just got their license)??

Real Estate is just like other professions in that there is a VERY small percentage who have extraordinary results.  It is NOT like other professions in that the inexperienced or unskilled agents get paid about the same as the truly great ones.  Many people choose an agent for the wrong reasons.

What really matters is WHAT ARE THEIR LISTING STATISTICS (original list price vs. closed sale price and total # of days on the market)??  This should be the #1 question to ask when interviewing agents… because you want to sell your house for top dollar in the least amount of time…right? It doesn’t really matter what they say they will do to get you sold…what matters is knowing that their marketing plan and skill set actually produce results that can be proven through their listing stats. 

We have STELLAR STATS! Our average listing sells in 1-9 days for 99-102% of list price, AND we are typically the highest sale in the n’hood on record.

Did you know that even in today’s HOT market, 1 out of 3 homes listed fail to sell? 

Another surprising fact is that of the approximate 26,000 licensed agents in our Multiple Listing Service, 12,000 agents (almost HALF) sold exactly ZERO homes in the last year… AND of the half who sold something, the average agent sold less than 4 homes per year.

The vast majority of licensed agents sell nothing, or very little.  Is that who you want performing financial surgery on YOU?

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